Old Greeting Cards

Use Old Greeting Cards As:

  • Donations! St. Jude accepts old greeting cards all year round. Click here for more information. Many nursing homes will accept donations of used Christmas cards for craft activities with residents. Call and ask. You never know - you might decide that along with the donation for crafts, you might want to stick in a few of your remade cards to brighten the day for a few residents!
  • Regifts! Cut off the front of the card and glue/tape it to the front of a blank card.
  • Crafts! Cut off certain parts of the card and paste onto blank card and use elements from other cards to make a scene.
  • A puzzle! Cut off the front of one or more cards. On the back side of this, write a message to your special loved one. You can include some neat stickers on your message. Cut the card front into pieces and shapes like a puzzle. Pop the pieces into an envelope and mail it to the child. They'll love getting mail and they'll have fun putting their puzzle - or puzzles - together to get your special message.
  • Decorations! Cut out your favorite parts of cards and punch a hole in them. Then, string them together to make a fun, easy decoration.
  • Gift tags! Cut out favorite parts of the cards and write To: From: on the back. Stick it to the gift!
  • Ornaments! This is a fun one for the kids to get involved in. Cut out different elements from card fronts and allow the kids to decorate with glitter glue, yarn, ribbon, glow-in-the-dark paint. Punch a hole in the top to tie a piece of yarn or ribbon for a hanger. Make sure the kids write their names and the year on the back to make it a neat little gift for the grandparents or someone special.


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